"Discovering, studying and practicing Amatsu Therapy is an amazing experience. However I feel truly blessed to have had this experience with Liath Training school. The training, advice, support and assistance in everything was, and still is, absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend this school enough" - Nyssan Deeb, current student, Seitai year 2017-2018


"I began my Anma training with Liath Training school in 2012 and continued training in Seitai and Shinden over the following years. Throughout those years I garnered knowledge, experience and support from Margaret and Colin, two wonderful and insightful teachers. Amatsu therapy is deeply rewarding to practice and hugely nourishing to receive." - Clare Irwin, Amatsu Practitioner, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow

"I found Amatsu therapy when a sibling with serious health issues struggled to get results from conventional medicine. Amatsu was the path back to health. I began my training with Liath school in 2012 and experienced an exciting, enthusiastic delivery of hugely interesting course content. Teaching is tailored to different learning styles and content is imparted by experienced, erudite teachers with a focus on dynamism and progress. I regularly avail of post-grad training, which is ongoing, encouraging and facilitating to students needs in every way possible. Clinical support is readily available. I am now working in my own Amatsu Clinic, and unreservedly recommend Liath Training School." - Annie Marie Murphy, Amatsu Practitioner, Athenry, Co. Galway.


"I have been attending training classes and CPD (continued professional development) for a number of years with Liath Training school. Most recently training at senior level, which was such an amazing journey. The level of teaching is top end, the style is suited to all and most importantly you get all the support you need whenever you need it! A great reassurance regardless of the level you are at." Mandy Jackson, Senior Amatsu Practitioner, Greystones, Co. Wicklow


"I am a senior practitioner and have been fortunate enough to have done a number of CPD courses with Liath Training school. The quality of the training has been outstanding, with a personalised and unique approach that ensures that you come out with a wonderful experience after attending one of their courses. " Brid Cunningham, Senior Amatsu Practitioner, Athy, Co. Kildare