What is Amatsu?

Amatsu is an exceptional, full body treatment suitable for all ages and beneficial for a wide range of painful problems and ill-health. Inspired by the teachings of Dr Hatsumi and further developed by Western teachers, Amatsu is soundly based on scientific principles of anatomy, physiology, natural body movement, bio-tensegrity, and proprioception.

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What is liath

According to legend, the Stone of Destiny, or Liath Fail, is the sacred stone on which Jacob rested his head. The guardians of the Stone moved it from Egypt to Sicily and then to Spain before finally bringing it to Ireland. Irish myth credits the Tuatha De Danaan with the securing of the stone during this time, and it was used as the crowning place of the High Kings of Ireland.

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Our training team is comprised of exceptional teachers, with long-term clinical and business experience. We are committed to high standards of excellence and strive to maintain a positive, supportive learning environment.

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Amatsu Training is done on a part time basis, one weekend per month. The first two years training take you to Practitioner Level. After the first year, you will be a recognised Anma Therapist.

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